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Why Interactive Media

Conversational Omnichannel Virtual Agents

Greet your customers with intelligent self-service automated interactions.

Touch Tone IVR Replacement

Automate and qualify calls in a conversational way and send them to the best agent.

Voice Enabling for Chatbots

Provide easy and immediate telephone access to your chatbot.

Call Center Cost Reduction

Collect actionable intelligence, reduce OPEX while improving customer experience on all channels.

Multimodal applications

Boost success rate and user satisfaction with our parallel visual channel.


Reduce project cost with our ready-made integrations.

Our offer

Interactive Media is dedicated to making it easy to delight your customers with conversational interactions. We provide software, implementation prowess and expert advice for rapid and successful deployments. Get to know our offer.

Conversational AI Virtual Agents


OMNIA, the Interactive Media’s Conversational AI solution, provides a delightful experience for your customers – no matter the channel they use to contact you. Interactive Media’s conversational Virtual Agents have among the highest effectiveness in the industry and are run through IM.MIND, our flagship AI suite.

Telephone access for chatbots


PhoneMyBot provides easy and immediate telephone access to your chatbot, with ready-made integrations with the telephony network, speech services and contact centers.

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Conversational AI Virtual Agents

Telephone access for chatbots

Some numbers 

1.6 Billions calls handled

Self-service calls

$ saved

Let's Work Together!

Our mission is to improve people’s lives by providing excellent customer interactions. Meet the Interactive Media team and achieve frictionless omnichannel customer service interactions.

Case study

A more effective and personal experience: how Findomestic is revolutionizing its CX

After the initial trial period, the project was a runaway success. Statistics showed that the call abandonment rate when the Virtual Agent was involved was lower than 5% (which is a “natural” rate for all greeting services). Customers were in general very pleased with Anna, which was routing the call to the correct queue 95% of the time. Anna understood the call’s intent correctly almost every time, identifying the caller by their telephone number or by their spoken name or account number 92% of the time.

Our partners

Partners of Interactive Media are able to market our software and become experts of conversational self-service technologies, while enjoying substantial financial and support benefits. Let’s talk about how we can work together for a better CX and outstanding results.  

Answers to Your Questions

Why should I choose Interactive Media?

Since its very beginning in 1996, Interactive Media’s has believed that true innovation is driven by different perspectives, even outside the common engineering principles. This has driven our technology, but more importantly our business. We are structured around 3 core pillars: full dedication to our clients’ success, excellence in innovation, focus on trust-based relationships. These are the keys of our success, what we provide along with our solutions and why you should choose us.  

Is Interactive Media's software in the Cloud?

Interactive Media’s products and services are available both on premise and from the cloud, combining the flexibility of Cloud deployments with a robust on-prem platform for our customers who prefer to manage all their applications in-house.

In which countries does Interactive Media operate?

Interactive Media started in Italy and is expanding worldwide. We have operations in Brazil (São Paulo), United States (San Francisco) and customers throughout Europe and the Americas.

What is the savings achieved by using OMNIA conversational virtual agents by Interactive Media?

Using OMNIA, customers achieve better service quality and substantial savings. While the actual savings amount depends on the application, our customers saved in average 50% over 5 years compared with previous operations. So far, our customers have saved more than $300M overall.

Why should a chatbot vendor use PhoneMyBot instead of developing a voicebot on its own?

PhoneMyBot provides a ready-made integration with the telephone network, speech service engines and the most common contact center suites. Integrating with PhoneMyBot is much easier and faster than in-house development. In addition, PhoneMyBot offers free trials, so chatbot vendors can get their feet wet at no risk.

What do I get if I sign up for PhoneMyBot?

You get a free trial account with telephony and speech services, access to the PhoneMyBot API and expert support to quickly add telephony access to your chatbot and integrate it with your customers contact centers.


What our customers say

We are more than satisfied with the results we had from our partnership with Interactive Media, especially for Anna.” said Gabriele Fuso, telephone flows manager at Findomestic. “For a company like Findomestic, where customers are central to all we do, adding virtual agents is the natural consequence of our drive to provide better customer experience“. 

Gabriele Fuso

Telephone flows manager , Findomestic

“The fact that this service has been successful in operation with very few changes for about 10 years demonstrates that Interactive Media project was very well conceived from the start”. 

Luca Avarello

Head of Intelligent Transport System, Roma Servizi per la Mobilità

“It was easy to predict a large number of calls to the contact center from citizens checking the status of their requests. Interactive Media has been very quick and effective in implementing this new service”.

Guido Ceccarelli

Head of the Customer Services and E-Collaboration, INPS

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