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Interactive Media’s Conversational Virtual Agents and how they interact with people in natural language

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is gaining ever more relevance as it applies to virtual agents. The technology is efficient in the challenge of automating interactions with customers, without compromising the quality of service. In this post we will elaborate about...

Chatbots and recorded voice – a messaging era dilemma

Chatbots converse with people in natural language and have had an extraordinary proliferation in the past few years. They started as little windows on websites, allowing users to write what they were looking for and providing information directly, instead of forcing...

How a fast automated discovery of user intent helps the whole customer service chain

If you read literature about customer support, especially as it relates with self-service support, you frequently find the expression “user intent”. But what is a user intent? We define it as the objective that a consumer wants to achieve when performing a search on...

How PhoneMyBot adds value to your chatbot

Using robots to streamline business processes is no longer science fiction. The field of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is in full development and more business processes are handled by bots every day. The customer service flow is also participating in this trend,...

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