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WhatsApp voice messages and how chatbot can use them

WhatsApp lets people record and send voice messages. What does it mean for the chatbot customer experience?Like most Europeans - well, I should say most people in the world - I am a WhatsApp user. WhatsApp has more than 2 billion users worldwide, about a quarter of...

Speech-to-Text results optimization with Interactive Media’s solutions

An historical perspectiveInteractive Media has offered Conversational AI solutions for many years, focusing on voice-enabled Virtual Agents. We deployed our first conversational Virtual Agents way before Conversational AI was a buzz-word and the explosion of...

PhoneMyBot outbound service

When people think of chatbots, mostly they envision little helpers popping up on the lower right side of webpages. Maybe a bit annoying if you are not looking for anything particular, often helpful, they take away the guesswork of navigating to the right information...

Interactive Media’s Conversational Virtual Agents and how they interact with people in natural language

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is gaining ever more relevance as it applies to virtual agents. The technology is efficient in the challenge of automating interactions with customers, without compromising the quality of service. In this post we will elaborate about...

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