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Interactive Media is a global developer of telecommunications software, Conversational AI systems and customer experience applications. Founded in 1996 in Italy and a leading vendor of Conversational AI voice-based Virtual Agents, the company has more than 20 years of experience working with voice and data solutions for better customer interactions. For more information, visit https://www.imnet.com.

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Interactive Media grows its PhoneMyBot solution to cover audio messages and outbound campaigns

Chatbots everywhere are taking advantage of it and morphing into Omnichannel Virtual Agents

Interactive Media, one of the world leaders in Conversational Virtual Agents, has announced the availability of two new services within its PhoneMyBot solution, a cloud-based environment that provides voice and telephone access to chatbots.  The new services allow chatbots to transcribe, understand and answer recorded audio messages coming from the most common messaging platforms, and to perform voice-based outbound campaigns.

Chatbots are revolutionizing customer care, not only as an access point for customers on the Web, social networks, and other messaging channels, but by providing fast and effective self-service operation for many support needs. An estimated 1.4 billion people use chatbots regularly and, according to SalesForce, 58% of them report that chatbots have had a positive effect on the customer service experience. But this is true only for text-based digital channels. Even today, more than 50% of support interactions globally are still using a voice channel, mostly coming from telephones, and the overwhelming majority of these is serviced by human agents and fronted by legacy touch-tone IVR systems.

This is the context in which PhoneMyBot, the Interactive Media solution that converts chatbots in omnichannel Virtual Agents by transforming telephone interactions into digital, text-based ones, now adds two important new services that will allow companies to further automate their services on the voice channels, contributing at the same time to the satisfaction of their customers, who can continue using their preferred channels to access a consistent, automated digital service.

PhoneMyBot’s new and innovative spot-transcription of recorded voice messages coming from the most common messaging platforms, including WhatsApp, solves the problem chatbots experience interpreting audio messages embedded in text conversations. Using the PhoneMyBot transcription API or its WhatsApp telephone number, chatbots can send over the recorded file, in any language, receive its transcription, and continue the conversation with users instead of needing to transfer it to a human agent, with a greatly enhanced customer experience.

PhoneMyBot new outbound capability allows chatbots to send alerts and reminders in real-time, engage the user in a conversation and provide more detailed information in a phone call. This revolutionizes the normally passive role of chatbots and providing a boost to companies’ automation level on the telephone channel.

“With PhoneMyBot, Interactive Media offers the first completely cloud-based service that adds the telephone channel to chatbots quickly, cheaply and effectively” said Roberto Valente, CEO of Interactive Media. “These new services that come to complete the solution today allow us to offer even better value and functionality for our customers, who need to prioritize their customers interactions providing better value, more automation and a better experience”.

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