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IM Service Lab: Who we are

IM Service Lab was born from a researchers and engineers spin-off from Interactive Media and the research group of interactive multimodal systems at the Department of Computer Engineering of the University of Trento. The joint venture has the mission of operating in the field of technology development applied to customer interaction, multimedia and multimodal services based on the use of third-generation tools for natural language understanding.

This initiative is part of a project supported by the Province of Trento, in Italy, to establish a pole for the development of technologies to be applied on the IT and Telecommunications sector. IM Service Lab is based in Trento and uses local resources for the training of its research and development team.

IM Service Lab Differential

Outstanding team skills

We have learned to address the different expectations and requirements of domain experts, developers, system administrators and business owners – and of course, the expectations of the final users.

Extensive experience in the field

We are leaders in the market of Conversational AI self-service interactions and truely pioneers in the use of natural language processing (NLP) for customer service interactions.

Oriented to innovation and new market

In the course of the last decade we have developed a formidable set of tools for AI Virtual Agents application development, integration and deployment, that we forged in the heat of the most challenging projects and applied for the benefit of our numerous happy customers. 

IM Service Lab Core Business

Interactive models based on language technologies and inspired by human social interactions.

Development and evaluation of prototypes for real applications for sectors such as telecommunications and the web.

Proficiency in working with speech technologies – especially speech-to-text – with the ability to improve the capability of the most important suppliers, getting higher performance than the average in the market.

Development of its own speech-to-text engine using machine learning.

IM Service Lab Product

IM Service Lab has developed various products in the voice and multimodal interaction field, and carries out research in: Automatic Speech Recognition, and Spoken and Multimodal Dialog Interfaces.

Our researchers have developed a framework called OMNIA MIND to quickly create and deploy multimodal applications based on voice standards (vxml, ssml, emma, etc.) which are W3C standard language compliant. This framework is architected for creating distributed and scalable applications, and it supports several programming languages, as well as interfacing with Interactive Media’s OMNIA Media Server.


OMNIA MIND is the intelligent core of OMNIA, the foundation for Interactive Media’s Conversational AI Virtual Agents. MIND (Multimodal Interactions through Natural Dialog) is a suite of integrated tools for end-to-end development, integration, testing, deployment, operation and reporting of virtual customer assistants. It supports conversational voice or text interaction services over any channel, including phone, web, chat, social networks, SMS, and smart speakers.

Its new release represents a cornerstone for the development and integration of a new generation of Virtual Customer Assistants applications, that can be designed, developed deployed and managed with full control over their behavior using the MIND tools.
MIND suite enables OMNIA Virtual Agent solution to transform the customer self-service experience into a real conversation. They understand what the user says and reply in kind, quickly figuring out the intent and fulfilling it, thus providing a delightful customer experience.

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