OMNIA is Interactive Media’s Conversational AI solution for an exceptional customer experience. OMNIA, integrated with your Contact Center, delights your customers, relieves human agents from routine tasks, and ensures the highest level of business performance.

OMNIA is the foundation for Interactive Media’s Conversational Virtual Agents. The Virtual Agents entertain natural conversations with the customers over the phone, via chat (on the web, on social media channels) or on other channels, like smart home devices. They use OMNIA’s cutting edge AI technology to power human-like interactions with customers.

OMNIA lets organizations select the best personas (voice and personality) for their Virtual Agents, one that boosts their brand image. OMNIA Virtual Agents transform the customer self-service experience into a real conversation: answering questions, sustaining dialogs over multiple channels and simply behaving like human customer service agents.

Customers like talking with an OMNIA Virtual Agent, that

  • Engages them in pleasant conversation
  • Calls them by name, referencing their previous interactions
  • Allows them to speak with their own voice
  • Understands them
  • Provides answers that match their needs
  • Is always available

Human agents are happy because:

  • The Virtual Agent saves them from boring and repetitive tasks
  • It captures context information for them: numbers, amounts, addresses… avoiding tedious data entry and errors
  • Agents can easily supervise multiple channels and conversations at once
  • The Virtual Agent provides all the background information they need, when they get involved
  • Because of the Virtual Agents, they have more time for training and professional development

The business is also happy:

  • Virtual Agents service most calls, reducing operational expenses
  • Their service can easily scale up whenever it’s needed
  • Quality and performance of customer service is fully in control
  • Human errors in data entry are avoided

OMNIA main features


The OMNIA Virtual Agents entertain a consistent human-like dialog with the customer, regardless of the channel. They take advantage of a common knowledge base and of the full interaction context to restart a conversation from the point where it had been interrupted – no matter the channel involved.

Visual channel

In addition to voice and text, OMNIA supports a synchronized visual channel that augments communications initiated via a mobile phone with a dynamic web-based interface. The Virtual Agent sends an SMS to the caller with the URL corresponding to the visual channel. The user opens the visual channel by clicking on the URL and exchanges information using either channel – voice or touch, that complement each other for best CX and a more effective service.


OMNIA’s open architecture comes with a variety of connectors for the converged IP infrastructure to integrate with third party contact center applications and back-end services. OMNIA supports VoiceXML to integrate with third party IVRs, supporting both VXML 2.0 and 2.1.

Interactive Media has achieved full VoiceXML 2.1 certification, ensuring full compatibility with other VXML 2.1 vendors such as Genesys, Avaya and Cisco, for integration with the respective Media Servers and Contact Center suites, enabling a linear technology transition without requiring custom integrations

Flexible Cloud and On-Premise setup

OMNIA was designed for use both in the Cloud and on-premise.  In its Cloud configuration, it provides Virtual Agents as a service for projects of any size and complexity. On-premise OMNIA can be installed on both physical and virtual machines, with well understood requirements for hardware sizing depending on the number of virtual agents and complexity of operation. Hybrid architectures are also supported.

Open Speech Services Integration

OMNIA integrates with multiple automatic speech recognition (ASR) and text to speech (TTS) vendors. This way, it can choose the best and most cost-effective ASR/TTS option, considering the languages in use and the project requirements.

High Scalability and Availability

OMNIA’s architecture provides scalability and high availability for the most demanding organizations. There are no limits to the number of channels or users that can be connected to the virtual agents, provided that the system is configured with the necessary resources. When OMNIA is deployed in the cloud, higher performance are met simply replicating the components and allocating the required computing and storage resources.

Truly natural interaction

Beyond natural language understanding (NLU) OMNIA supports a natural conversation with the customer. The system conducts a step-by-step dialog with the customer, easily following different and sometimes unpredictable routes. Bots implementing pre-defined dialog structures fail in many cases to adapt to the natural human behavior during a conversation, while OMNIA can take detours and follow different conversation branches while servicing the call.

OMNIA Architecture


MIND stands for Multimodal Interactions through Natural Dialog, and it’s the intelligent core of OMNIA. MIND is the AI engine that understands the caller’s intents and manages the conversation. It comes with all that’s needed to implement Virtual Agents, including:

MIND STUDIO, a cloud-based environment for the rapid development of complete applications. STUDIO takes a code-free approach to Virtual Agents development, with a drag-and-drop paradigm and all the tools needed to design and test the service and integrate the Virtual Agent with external systems (DBs, CRMs, Contact Centers, etc.)

MIND SKILL: the Virtual Agent training tool. SKILL lets domain experts create the domain knowledge base and teach the Virtual Agent the skills it needs to service the customer’s requests using natural conversations.


OMNIA MEDIA SERVER is the foundation of all OMNIA integrations. It processes in real-time all media – voice, chat from different services, video, web content and multimodal. It integrates the third-party speech services technology that makes Virtual Agents possible. It inserts itself into the telephony network, talking with switches and IVR systems. It supports all necessary standards and protocols while providing, of course, carrier-grade availability and scalability.


OMNIA BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE allows business owners and supervisors to monitor the Virtual Agents service, control it and adapt it to changes, without involving Engineering, through an intuitive dashboard showing real-time KPIs.


OMNIA OAM (Operation Administration Management) offers system administrators complete control over OMNIA services and modules. OMNIA OAM allows to control, configure, add and remove the virtual machines that run the Virtual Agents, monitor the services and the system resources as CPUs, storage and network. OMNIA OAM also controls the applications version, with one-click deployment and rollback.

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