Give your chatbot
the gift of voice

PhoneMyBot includes all that’s needed to interact with your bot by voice, using the telephone or recorded messages, with ready-made integrations with the telephone network, speech services and contact centers.

Telephony and voice technology integration

Simple, immediate telephone channel integration delivered as a service from the cloud. PhoneMyBot frees you from integration hurdles so you can concentrate on what really matters: building a great user experience and increase customers happiness.

Flexible chatbot integration API

PhoneMyBot integrates natively with a growing number of chatbot platforms. If yours is one of them no work is necessary to use PhoneMyBot. If not, please ask us to integrate yours or use our standard, easy-to-integrate HTTP RESTful API. See the technical documentation here.

Full control on service cost and performance

You have complete control over service administration and operation through the PhoneMyBot management dashboard, with analytics that gives you a full view of service usage and traffic.

All you need, in one package

All the technology you need to give voice to your chatbot – speech to text, text to speech, instant transcription of recorded messages, telephony infrastructure and contact center integration. Delivered as a service, pre-integrated, optimized.

Unleash your chatbot's full potential

You are a Conversational AI expert and have deployed a bot that solves most of the customer issues in self-service mode over multiple chat channels. That is great, the hard part is done! But don’t limit the potential of your bot to text channels: with PhoneMyBot you can start talking with your bot over the phone, in a matter of hours.

Why the phone channel is important

Today most of the interactions happen over digital text channels: the web, social media, text messaging. But at least 40% of the traffic still comes in over the phone – and more if the matter is important. Capture more traffic and drastically improve customer experience by connecting your chatbot with voice caller.

The trouble with recorded messages

Messaging platforms are increasingly used also to send recorded voice messages. Needless to say, chatbots have a hard time with that. PhoneMyBot’s transcription API and WhatsApp direct access provide immediate voice messages transcription, in any language.

And why PhoneMyBot (when I can do it on my own)?

Integrating telephony infrastructure and getting the best results out of state-of-the-art speech technologies is not easy, and it’s not the core business of Conversational AI companies. You don’t need to waste your time – only to reach a sub-optimal result. PhoneMyBot has already solved and optimized all the issues that you would encounter. With PhoneMyBot, integration is a breeze and you get support from real telephony experts.

All the features you need... transform your bot into a world-class Omnichannel Virtual Agent

Telephone access from the public network in many countries or private switches everywhere

Using the SIP protocol and the power of the Cloud, PhoneMyBot connects with telephony networks around the world. Ask about integration with your private switch.

Use of multiple speech-to-text engines depending on the language, industry, application

No single speech-to-text engine is equally effective for all languages and type of conversation. PhoneMyBot uses several and selects the best one for the job.

Many voices in the supported languages – or plug in your own for the best conversation with your chatbot application

Your chatbot is a representative for your brand (or your customer’s). Use the best voice to reinforce brand identity.

Fronting and integrating with Generative AI based chatbots

PhoneMyBot integrates with ChatGPT other LLM-based chatbots for customer service applications and optionally provides a layer in front of it to pre-determine the intent and standardize the input to the chatbot, making the output more predictable and greatly reducing hallucinations.

Native interface and conversation optimization with a growing number of chatbot platforms

If your chatbot runs on one of the natively supported platforms, there is nothing to do to integrate. If not, ask us about integrating your platform or use PhoneMyBot’s own RESTful conversation API.

Transcription API and WhatsApp number to spot-transcribe recorded voice messages, in many languages

A user attaching a voice recording to a message in a conversation with a bot used to mean instant transfer to a human agent. No longer! PhoneMyBot can transcribe the message and send it back as text in milliseconds, letting the message conversation continue.

Outbound calls

So that chatbots can initiate the call and provide conversational voice alerts.

Contact center integration to forward calls to a human agent

Eventually, it may come that time when the chatbot cannot solve the issue at hand. A voice-enabled human agent needs to take over and PhoneMyBot integrates with the Contact Center to send the call to the best queue.

PhoneMyBot Architecture

Do you want to know more?

Feel free to explore PhoneMyBot resource, try the service free of charge and contact us.

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